Michael Tapp


Michael Tapp is a visual storyteller for the digital age. In short: he’s the MacGyver of storytelling 

Michael seeks out challenges of all sorts and is driven by results. During his last six years in the television and film industry he has worked as a camera assistant on national commercials and feature films, shot for Ralph Lauren, American Express, Coors Light, Starwood Hotels and edited shows for the History Channel and Intel. 

Michael also specializes in creating content. He has created mini documentaries for The Atlantic and TIME Magazine; and launched successful web shows. He helps businesses and individuals get their messages out to their target audience through the most effective channels. He understands how to create and distribute shareable content for this constantly shifting media landscape, having created a transmedia project before the buzzword started popping up in magazines and tech blogs. His original videos have been featured on large Internet portals such as Gawker, Gizmodo, BoingBoing.net, Neatorama, and Laughing Squid. No matter the challenge, Michael will find a way to hit the target. 

When Michael isn't working he is either playing his guitar or he is searching for the best crumb cake in New York City. 

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